An Introduction

Well, I’m giving in. I’m starting a blog. Seems like the thing to do. And since I work in marketing, it’s almost a requirement. 🙂

I will say right now that I am not a professional writer and I’m really not concerned with how many people will read this. I am not out to write a book or anything, just to put my thoughts on to paper (…or screen). Personally, it will be fun to go back and read these later, I’m sure.

I’ve decided that I am mostly going to write about the things I am most passionate about. I love to travel, to eat foods from different parts of the world, and things like that… but most of all I get really passionate about mission trips and serving the international community – right here in our backyard and around the world.

Since the idea for this blog came to me, I’ve really been wishing that I started this last May. It’s been a transforming 12 months for me, in a lot of ways. But mostly in my passions for serving, especially as it relates to the international community. Since May, I have become involved with World Relief (an organization that serves refugees here in Nashville), Cason & I started sponsoring a child through World Vision, I led my ladies’ small group through my favorite book of the year (The Hole in Our Gospel by Rich Stearns), I went with my family to Greece & Turkey on a footsteps of Paul trip, and just became an official Child Ambassador for World Vision (an advocate for child sponsorship). It’s that final piece that put me over the edge in deciding to start a blog. Maybe this will be an asset in trying to reach people about the amazing experience of child sponsorship.

For those of you who really know me, none of this will be any surprise. But for those of you who only kind of know me, or don’t know me at all, this blog will give you a window in to what makes me tick. The things that fuel me. I used that phrase the other day and really liked it. I am finding more and more that these really are the things that fuel me.

So to end this first post, I will just say that one of my favorite quotes of the recent months comes from the founder of World Vision, Bob Pierce. He said: “Let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God.” I pray that becomes my own personal motto.


One thought on “An Introduction

  1. I love you! You are so beautiful in so many ways and I am so proud to be your husband! I look forward to serving with you every day!

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