Prayers for Haiti

Today marks the one month anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. It has been one of the worst natural disasters of our time. The week that it happened I felt stunned and absolutely paralyzed. I was glued to the news coverage, to the twitter feeds, watching the conversations happening and wondering with a great heaviness in my heart how many people were going to be affected when it was all said and done.

Richard Stearns, President of World Vision, made a statement when he went down to Haiti to help in the relief efforts that he feared that Haiti would fade from our minds by Super Bowl Sunday and that compassion fatigue would set in. Well Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone. I pray that we, as a nation and as a world, continue to remember and to help rebuild that country and reach in to people’s lives. Please continue to give. World Vision is an excellent and trustworthy organization. They were there in force before the earthquake happened and have been able to mobilize incredibly quickly and get help to a lot of people.

But in addition to giving, please continue to pray. Check out this idea from WV on praying for a different topic each day of the week (click through to read full article):

  • Mondays: for food and water
  • Tuesdays: for injury recovery and health
  • Wednesdays: for those left homeless
  • Thursdays: for the families’ livelihoods
  • Fridays: for children’s voices to be heard in recovery
  • Saturdays: for comfort and healing
  • Sundays: for safety and protection

Cason & I, along with our friends in our small groups, have been looking in to mission trip possibilities for this summer. I feel a burden on my heart to get to Haiti and to help. We are looking down a couple paths and are ultimately praying for God to lead us wherever He would have us helping, whether that’s in Haiti or not. We’ll see…

In closing, I have rejoiced every time I’ve heard a good story coming out of Haiti – stories of miracle survivals and of people singing in the darkness hymns to God. Below is one of the best pictures of hope and rejoicing that I’ve seen come out of it all. It is seven-year-old Kiki, rescued with his sister after eight days:


One thought on “Prayers for Haiti

  1. Karen,
    I am very excited about going to Haiti. We already have ideas for fund raisers and such. We can not wait to get there and start helping. Keep up the blog. 🙂
    J Welch

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