We’re Going to Haiti

Well, it is official. We are going on a mission trip to Haiti this summer through the group Adventures in Missions.

The most recent official UN stats say that 192,000 are dead, 212,000 are injured, 453,000 moved out of city, and 1,360,000 are displaced and need aid.

It is such a desperate situation. In some ways, it feels like the news coverage has moved on, but we can’t. I can’t quite figure out the appropriate words to say. I don’t feel like it is appropriate to say I am excited to go. This is a place that has suffered such extreme devastation, destruction, and loss. So I can’t quite put my feelings in to words. I guess I am looking forward to going and even trying to help. Does that make any sense? …I am nervous too for what we will see and experience. Reading about others on trips there in recent weeks I know we will probably be rocked to the core.

Cason & I both have such a passion for missions. We decided last year that it has been far too long since we have gone somewhere to do something. We knew we had to commit to a trip for this summer before other life stuff got in the way. And we knew we wanted to take as many people with us as possible.

There will be 20 people on the trip, 10 we don’t know. But 8 of us are in the same Bible Study/Small Groups, plus one girl’s mom and my dad! I am so glad my dad decided to come along. He is definitely one of the reasons for my love of travel. It will be so great to have him along for this experience. [It doesn’t hurt that he is Mr. Camping & Mr. Build Anything]

We don’t really know what we’ll be doing yet. It could be anything that is needed at the time, including building projects, food distribution, evangelism, activities with children… And we don’t know what the conditions will be like. We may be sleeping in tents or we may not. It is really neat that God is totally in control of this trip. No matter what we’ll be doing…

I know I will have much more to say later. But for now, we are just praying that God direct our path and of course for the people in Haiti. We are also going to have to fundraise, which is always one of the parts I dread the most…


One thought on “We’re Going to Haiti

  1. I was talking to a friend yesterday who went on one of their trips to Haiti a few weeks ago and loved it. I can’t wait to hear about your experience there. Proud of you for signing up to go!

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