Trip to Haiti Update

Since my post on March 9th about our upcoming trip to Haiti a few things have changed. We are still going, that is the most important part. And it is still the same week in July. But the long story short is that we are no longer going with Adventures in Missions. We are now going on a trip through our church in partnership with the International Mission Board and Baptist Global Response. We are no longer going to be part of a group of 20; instead it will just be the 4 of us couples that are in Bible study class/small groups together, plus my dad, for a cozy group of 9.

We had a meeting last night about the trip and have a few more details than we did before. Here are the tentative plans as we currently know them… We will probably be doing clean-up work, hauling chunks of concrete and such. Possibly some construction also. We will probably be sleeping in tents in a secured compound. We might have access to a solar shower (rain water collected in buckets and you pull the string). We will have one hot meal a day provided. It will probably be around 95 degrees during the day, dropping down to the 70’s at night. We will need hepatitis A & B, typhoid vaccines, tetanus shots, and malaria pills.

Further in the tentative category… we may do work in Port-au-Prince or we may be in a smaller village outside of the city. We may do primarily clean-up work, but then also any sort of work that is asked of us.

We will get more details as the time gets closer, but for now God is in control of the what, how, and where. And that is completely okay. I might actually even prefer it that way, so we can just trust in Him and know He’ll work it all out. We just know the when (July) and the who (us!).

In the how category, Cason & I also need to start fundraising. That is often the toughest part… asking for help. But it can also be the part where God can help work in amazing ways. It will cost us about $1100 per person, not counting vaccines, some food, other incidental costs, etc. So $2200+ for the both of us. We heard the amazing story yesterday about how one of the couples most nervous about the financial side already has about half of that raised, from just a couple of individual donors! Praise God!

Would you please pray for us as we continue down this path of preparation – that God would guide the details, that He would be with the people of Haiti (opening up doors to serve their needs: physically, emotionally & spiritually), and He would guide our group’s fundraising efforts? I would really appreciate it!


3 thoughts on “Trip to Haiti Update

  1. I am so excited for this mission trip. I know God has big plans for our hearts, minds, and hands. Can’t wait to see how He will work….

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