Haiti Trip: A quick lesson in Creole

We are now less than a month away from our trip to Haiti! We are having weekly meetings now as we prepare. At a recent meeting a Haitian guy came and gave us a little lesson in Creole.

Apparently only the really well educated Haitians speak French. But everyone speaks Creole. And I learned that Creole was a language that the slaves (way back in the day) created, sort of as their own secret language so that the slave owners couldn’t understand them. Very interesting. It’s a mix of English, French, & Spanish. If you know any French or Spanish, you’ll see the similarities.

Good morning: Bon Jou

Thank you: Meci Boucou

How are you: Ko man ou ye (or more casually: Sak pase)

Very good, thank you: mouin bien mercie (or mouin pa pu mal)

You’re welcome: De rien (or Pa gin problem)

Please: si vou plez

The food is good: monge a bon

What is this: ki sa saye?

Where’s the toilet: Kote toilet ha?

Jesus loves you: Bon Jesus remin ou

Now if I can only remember some of these when we get there!


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