Haiti Trip: God’s Provision

The hardest part of going on a mission trip, for me, is asking for help – financially. I just don’t like having to do that. There are some churches that won’t even let you pay anything toward your own trip. They require you to raise all of your support from others. It is an exercise of faith and trust, that God will provide. Our church doesn’t require it, but they do highly encourage it. It is part of how God demonstrates His sovereignty and provision to us.

“He who gave the call will provide, for He is faithful” (1 Thessalonians 5:24).

Well, as of today, I am amazed and profoundly grateful to say that we have raised all of our support!!

I learned today that the total trip cost, for both of us, came in at $1830. And, as of today, we have raised $1840! That is about as close as you can get to exact. I love when God does those kinds of things! I was honestly expecting that maybe we’d raise about half of the amount, and we’d end up paying for the other half. We were prepared to do that. But through the generous donations of family and friends, it is ALL taken care of.

We have such feeble faith sometimes. I have such feeble faith sometimes.

This is such a huge blessing that we never expected. Especially in light of Cason’s current job situation and not knowing what our finances will look like 4 or 5 months from now, this is a huge burden taken care of.

So thank you so much to our amazingly generous supporters! I am blown away.

We are still eagerly asking for people to support us with prayer. We will definitely need all of the prayer we can get. Right now please pray for our preparation – spiritual, mental, emotional, physical. And for the financial support for the rest of our team going. Thank you!


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