How You Can Pray for Our Haiti Trip

I’ve had several people ask how they can be praying for our trip to Haiti. First of all, thank you very much for the prayers! I fully believe that they can make a big difference. Second, for those that are great about praying for people by name, our group consists of: myself, Cason, Bob, Lisa, Jason, Ashley, Daniel, Nicole, & Wesley.

Here are our biggest requests:

  • For preparation in these last few days before we leave – physical, spiritual, mental, & emotional.
  • For strength & health – we will be doing heavy construction work in 100+ degree heat and apparently everyone but one person on the trip last week got pretty sick. We want to be able to build as many houses as possible for the Haitian people and need all the strength we can get to accomplish that.
  • For safety – it is not the safest place and Americans can be particularly targeted.
  • For protection against spiritual attack/warfare – the devil is real and likes nothing more than to thwart the attempts of those that work in Christ’s name. We will battle heat, fatigue, stress, probably sickness, possibly some kind of discouragement, amongst many other things. That the Lord will keep us united in purpose, help us to remain positive in all circumstances, and surrounded in prayer & Scripture.
  • For flexibility and patience – things will come up and plans/logistics with change. That we can just roll with it all.
  • For the Haitian people that we come in contact with – that we may encourage them in their faith and/or help shine a light into the lives of those who may not know Christ.
  • That God would help make us aware of the smaller opportunities hidden in each day to share His love and mercy with someone.
  • That all nine of us on the team will come back changed for the better. That God use this experience to stretch and challenge us, to grow our hearts for the Haitians, and the global community at large. There are several people going on this trip who have never been on a mission trip or to a third world country.

If you are praying for us, would you please leave us a note to let us know that? It is really encouraging to know who we have praying for us.

“Don’t be anxious about things; instead, pray. Pray about everything. He longs to hear your requests, so talk to God about your need and be thankful for what has come.” Philippians 4:6 (The Voice)


5 thoughts on “How You Can Pray for Our Haiti Trip

  1. You guys are in my prayers and will continue to be until you return. I am very proud of you for wanting to make a difference – and you do every day.

  2. Our continued thoughts and prayers are with the entire team. Will share these pray requests with others as well. Like Judy, we are so proud of you guys.

  3. Prayers and Blessings on the entire team. God will surely bring blessings to the Hati people through such willing servants

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