More on Child Sponsorship – Writing Letters

This is the letter, translated letter, and drawing we got from Mayra, our sponsored child through World Vision.

We sponsor a child through World Vision. Her name is Mayra and she lives in Guatemala. She is so precious. We’ve been sponsoring her for a year now. One of the highlights of sponsorship is writing to and receiving letters from your child. Many sponsors don’t take the opportunity to do this and it’s really unfortunate. The letter writing process is one of the ways to make it really personal. She’s not just a name & a photo. We are getting to know her on a personal level, and she is getting to know us.

I came home today after work and found one of those World Vision envelopes in our mailbox. It was as exciting as opening a Christmas card or something! I love when letters from her come, and I know she probably feels the same way to get one from us.

She is young (only in the 2nd grade), so she is currently not actually writing the letters, but someone in the community writes them on her behalf – either a staff member, or last time it was her brother. But with almost every letter she draws a picture for us and sends that along. We put them on our fridge!

Sometimes we also send little flat items along. In the last letter it said that she loved the stickers we sent her and that she was going to hang them up in her house “to remember us always”. In this letter it talks about the photo of us that we sent and it says she is going to keep it in a very special place.

Other great ideas of flat things you can send (it just has to be able to fit in a 6×9 envelope): stickers, photos, paper dolls, coloring pages & colored pencils (crayons can melt), hair bands, bracelets, kids’ waterproof bandages, baseball cards…

If you are a sponsor, I would highly encourage you to make sure you’re sending letters regularly to your child. It makes a world of difference and they treasure each and every one. It’s a great way to stay connected and be able to share bits of life with each other.

If you’d like to know more about sponsoring a child, go here.


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