More Pictures from Haiti

This is part of my series of posts recapping our construction mission trip to Haiti. Click here to read them all. You can also subscribe to receive the updates by email by entering your email address at the top of the left column (under “email subscription”) and hitting submit.

I have now gotten access to the photos that Jason & Lisa Welch took on our trip. They have the nice camera and are photographers by hobby. So I’m going to go back and add in a few more pictures that go with the stories I’ve already shared. Check out Jason’s photography blog here.

The below pictures are of us stuffed in to the landrover in Port-au-Prince (you can read the rest of that story here).

Looking back to the trunk area where the guys were crammed on benches that went longways.

Looking forward from the guys to us girls. Three across the backseat and one sitting between the 2 front seats facing backwards.

At the BGR compound in Port-au-Prince, ready to go.

I am so glad that Jason captured the below photograph. This was on our first day in Haiti, when we went out to the beach and children started appearing out of no where, and we played with them for a long while (you can read all about that afternoon here). This is Fabianca. She was spunky. Those earrings that she is wearing are mine. She was pointing to them, admiring them, and I bent down for her to take a look. Before I knew it she had slipped one out of my ear and was putting it in hers. So I said okay, they are hers now. 🙂 The others after that are also from the beach that day.

Fabianca & 2 precious other children

Below are some more pictures of the church service on Sunday, under the blue tarps (hence, the tinting). Us on the front row, the ladies’ choir, and the men’s choir.

Now that I’m caught up on some pictures highlights, my next blog post will continue the story. So more to come…


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