This Comfortable Life

This is based on a conversation I had with my oldest brother a couple months ago. It has stayed with me…

I live in a comfortable house.

I drive my comfortable car to my comfortable job where I earn a comfortable salary.

I come home to my comfortable food, my comfortable AC/heat/running water, and my comfortable family.

I have a group of comfortable friends, we lead our comfortable Bible study groups, and go to a comfortable church with all of the programs you could ever imagine.

I have enough to buy all of the comfortable clothes/shoes/accessories a girl could want.

We may not be the richest people in the US (in my mind, we are nowhere close to it), but by world standards we are filthy rich. Go to this website and put in your annual household income. It will rank you on a scale of the world’s wealth. Very eye-opening.

I wrote another post about how we are blessed to be a blessing. You can read it here.

So in all of this comfortable life, what is God calling us to do?

What more does He require of us?
And how can we make sure that we are using our blessings to bless others?


3 thoughts on “This Comfortable Life

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