Looking to Rename My Blog

Okay – to my handful of loyal readers… 🙂

I am looking to rename my blog. I have never really been fully satisfied with “Live.Love.Serve.” It was sort of a default choice. Problem is, I can’t seem to come up with anything that fits that I like better.

So for those of you who read my blog & know the types of things that I write about, do you have any suggestions? I’m wide open.

And I might be able to round up a little prize pack for the winning suggestion!

So please help me out. Suggest away.


3 thoughts on “Looking to Rename My Blog

    • My problem with it is that I feel like it might convey too much of an attitude of “I’m awesome. Look at me & all I’m doing”. What do you think? And more often than not, I really am more talk than any sort of action. But I’m stumped for an alternative.

  1. Hey, Karen. How about using a portion of one of your favorite Bible verses as the title? Or use the name / quote of someone you’ve met in your Haiti mission.

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