Reaffirming My Passion for Advocacy

I am a Child Ambassador for World Vision, which means that I seek out opportunities to share sponsorship with others, through one-on-one conversations or through speaking engagements. I am a passionate fan of World Vision’s work and that was something I felt called to do back in early 2010.

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to speak at North Middle School in Winchester, TN about World Vision and child sponsorship. They were holding an event called “Wake Up”. It was kind of like a science fair, but instead of science topics they had researched and were presenting on global issues such as child abuse, poverty, homelessness, child & maternal health, genocide, etc. Pretty hefty stuff for a 7th grader. I have never heard of a school doing something like that before. It was really neat. What a great opportunity for a student to learn about things going on in the world and what they can do to help.

As part of the event, they were seeking out speakers from various organizations. That’s where World Vision (& I) came in. I was able to talk for about 20 minutes, including 2 short videos. It was a great experience. Cason & I really had a lot of fun being there with them, educating the students, and talking with them afterwards.

Three children were sponsored at the event! Many more took home the information – either it was a student who didn’t have a parent there to ask or there was a parent there and they needed to think it over. So hopefully a few more will sign up in the days and weeks to come. Even if they don’t sign up through my materials, maybe it will plant a seed and lead to signing up some time in the future. And above all, I think we did help educate them on a couple different issues and about the great work that World Vision does.

Two heartwarming stories:
1) There was a family that genuinely wanted to sign up but said they only get paid once a month and would have to wait for their next check to come in. I was impressed. It reminded me of the story of the widow’s mite. They didn’t seem to have much, but really wanted to help a child.

2) There were a couple of girls who really wanted to sponsor a child and went around rallying up their friends. They ended up getting a group of 6 of them to commit, and convinced their teacher to be their responsible adult. The girls were so excited about all of it. They are planning on holding fundraisers (a car wash, a bake sale, etc) in order to raise the $35 per month required. They couldn’t stop plotting and planning about it, even about how they’d write their child the first letter, with each of them writing one paragraph. The girls even came up & gave us both a hug before leaving at the end.

I loved the excitement of the students! I was really glad to be there with them and be a part of their unique event. More schools should do similar programs.

It also reaffirmed my passion for advocacy and educating others about global issues and the needs in the world. It was fun and exciting! The fact is that we can all do something to make a difference. People just need to be made aware of the need and the ability that they have to help.

If you want to read more about child sponsorship click here. If you want to sign up to sponsor a child, please click here. (This is my personal link to the World Vision site and will ensure that my Child Ambassador account shows up as the referrer.)

If you happen to know of a church or a group that would let me come present (for 5 minutes or for 20 minutes), please let me know. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Reaffirming My Passion for Advocacy

  1. I’m so glad to hear this! I’m so glad that this is something God has put on your heart and that you’re following that call. Love what you’re doing for the kids!

  2. I’m so glad it went well and thankful for the 3 kids who now have sponsors and for those to come! God is using you to further His Kingdom work 🙂

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