Embracing This Season

Does God ever reveal messages to you in themes – you read something on a blog, your friend brings up the same topic later that week, your pastor preaches it from the pulpit?

I feel like that has happened to me recently. It’s been the theme of seasons of life (Ecclesiastes 3).

At church, our pastor was talking about these seasons of life and how we all go through them, following a pattern. I am normally not a note-taker in church (though I should do it more), but what he said resonated so much with me that I had grab something immediately to write it down.

Very briefly…
Spring = a time of growth & new beginnings. Exciting & maybe challenging.
Summer = the busy season of toiling & working hard, yet enjoying the sunshine.
Fall = the harvest; a time for celebration.
Winter = a time to be still/quiet, for preparation & nourishment.

Cason & I both have been feeling kind of restless lately, like we’re in some state of limbo, not sure of what is next. He’s been in a frustrating (at times), temporary state of employment for the last year, not sure what God has up His sleeve for him or even what field he should be looking in. The small groups that we’ve led for the last 4 years have sort of fizzled out. We’re not really sure in what ways we’re supposed to be serving now or even really know where our giftings supposedly lie. I’ve dealt with (probably irrational) questions of self-worth, as far as “what am I even good at” and “who cares what I have to say anyway”.

We are definitely in a season of winter and I feel like it makes sense now. Being in winter can seem cold and depressing, but it doesn’t have to be. Winter is where we’re supposed to be quiet, to focus on preparation for and anticipate whatever spring is going to bring. We need to let go of some things, let some things die, allow the land to rest, and the soil to be nourished in anticipation of the new growth that will come.

This is our time to be still, to focus on the tasks we’re given, to work on nourishing our souls. We want to be ready when the time comes to move into spring and for whatever new growth opportunities God gives us.

It is a step-by-step, day-by-day sort of thing. God doesn’t generally give us a flash of the big picture. It is much more like the verse,
“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” Psalm 119:105

We often only get to see the very next thing in front of us. Then, when we step in obedience, the lamp moves on to light up our next step.

I do know some of the things I need to be focusing on right now. So that is what I will try to do. When the time comes, I pray we’ll have the discernment and courage to know what to do next. But I do feel relieved just knowing that this season is a necessary step before we reach the next one.

I guess it can’t always be spring.

What season of life are you in? Are you embracing it?

Check out Mike Glenn’s blog here if you want to read more from him on the topic of the seasons.

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