I’ve Never Gone Hungry (& thoughts on living more intentionally)

Our favorite dinner in Haiti (2010)

One of the things that I probably most take for granted in life is my access to food. Anyone who knows me decently well, knows that I tend to graze. Breakfast, 10-10:30am snack, lunch, 2:30-ish snack, dinner, and maybe even a pre-bedtime small bowl of cereal. Some days it becomes more of a habit that anything. It’s what I’m used to doing, so I continue the routine.

Most of us have constant access to food. We’re surrounded by it and always have the option of eating or drinking something. We often don’t even wait until we’re hungry anymore. If there’s a plate of cupcakes sitting out in the office, well, of course we have to have one.

I have never, ever gone to bed truly hungry or had to wonder where my next meal is coming from. However, that is a reality for more than 1 billion people around the world.

My husband & I were out running errands recently on a Saturday. As we were leaving the Lowe’s parking lot, there was a man holding a sign asking for a combo meal. I had never seen a sign that specific before & it definitely caught our attention. I’ll be honest. I’ve grown quite jaded & skeptical of those who beg on street corners with signs. Are they truly in need or are they just trying to scam people into giving them money, like the stories we occasionally see on the news? The ones who then go walk around the corner to their nice car and drive away…

Honestly, I probably would not have done this if I was by myself, but my husband suggested that we go get him a combo meal. It was a Saturday. We had extra time. Why not. As we pulled in across the street at the Burger King, there was a couple sitting in the grass with a sign of their own, saying they were hungry and asking for food. How could we help one and not the others? What were the chances of there being 3 people in the same 1 block radius who were all asking for a meal? It only cost us about $10. Money that we’d never notice was even missing. All 3 were genuinely so grateful when we went back to hand them out.

It wouldn’t make a big difference in their lives – it was only one meal – but it definitely served as a bit of a wake-up call for me. We all I tend to turn a blind eye toward need. It could be for a variety of reasons – we’re I’m skeptical, too lazy, apathetic, scared… too busy and wrapped up in our my own life to even notice, etc.

I want to live more intentionally. I want to be more tuned in to those around me and to the opportunities that God places in my path. But that could be a blog post all to itself…

Anyway, if you are looking for some ways to help the hungry, I can offer 4 suggestions:


3 thoughts on “I’ve Never Gone Hungry (& thoughts on living more intentionally)

  1. I think it is easy for us to get jaded because there are some scammers out there. One day as I left the grocery store there was a young woman asking for money to get gas to go home, saying that she was from a town 20 miles away and had lost her wallet. I gave her some cash. Then about a week later, my son and I were in a parking garage across town. The same young woman asked him for money using the same story. When I told her she had gotten money from me with the same story last week she just walked away.

    After I thought about it for a while, I decided that I was not going to feel bad about giving money to that scammer. My intentions were good, and letting her make me dwell on that fact that I was taken would mean that I would be less likely to help someone who really was in need.

    • That’s so true! You can only be responsible for the intentions of your heart and your actions. But that is such a good points that it can’t make us dwell on the fact so that we are less likely to help others in the future. We just have to try & be in tune with the opportunities that God lays in our path. Thanks for sharing your comment Maggie!

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