Some Perspective from Above the Clouds


Moving is not glamorous, and it is definitely not easy. There are so many logistics to figure out that I can easily get overwhelmed these days. 

We spent much of our Christmas vacation trying to find a place to live in N. Virginia. It’s been a huge shock to the system what the cost of living is there. What we pay right now for our mortgage, for a lovely 3 bedroom house with a small yard in Nashville, would not even get us a tiny studio apartment in one of the bad parts of town. So that has been a huge adjustment. 

We did turn in an application on the Thursday after Christmas for a nice, little condo to rent. It had been on the market for 82 days and we were excited to have found an answer to at least one of our unanswered questions. The excitement did not last long, however. Two days later we got an email from the realtor saying there was a competing application and the owner chose the other couple. I was sent into a spiral of disappointment and panic. We were already back in Nashville. How would we find a place now? 

After I finished my moping, I pulled myself together as we decided that that must not have been the place where God wanted us. There must be something better. With a month still go to before moving, we decided to try our best to be patient and wait. Easier said than done, for me at least... 

The last couple of days have been kind of tough. I’ve started to really feel the clocking ticking on this move. I’m feeling more emotional about leaving our friends, our house, and everything else I deem comfortable. We have yet to find a place to live. We have yet to find renters for our house in Nashville. We have yet to find Cason a job. Without a place to live, we can’t arrange our movers or decide on a definite timeline. Without securing two jobs, we don’t know exactly what we can afford in rent. And without renters for our house in Nashville, we don’t know how long we’ll have to carry a mortgage and rent. It’s all very “chicken & the egg”. And it’s all just a little bit stressful.

As I type this, I’m on a plane to DC. I will be spending the week at International Justice Mission, for new employee training. It will be a jam-packed week of deep dive information, everything from spiritual foundations of the company, to human resources info, to the Child Protection Act, to spiritual warfare. We’re scheduled in sessions all day, Monday through Friday. I’m very excited about starting the learning process and meeting other people there. I’ve also been told that I’ll be brain-dead by the time it’s over each day.

But, all of that to say, I’m on this plane… It has been kind of gloomy in Nashville this weekend, weather-wise – kind of epitomizing how I’ve been feeling (as it relates to all of the overwhelming logistics). All of a sudden we just lifted above the clouds and it caught me off guard to see the sunshine and blue sky. Like where did that come from. It was beautiful and I literally just felt like a weight lifted off of me. I felt this sense of “it’s going to be okay, just keep trusting Me. 

Yes, it will be okay. Everything in due time. In God’s time. We are sure that this is God’s plan for us and He will see it all through. Down to the last detail. We’re not promised that it will be easy, but we do know that it’s all going to work out.

It’s nice to find some perspective in unexpected places. For now, I’ll sit back and enjoy the sun and beautiful view from up here.

And so, the adventure continues…

3 thoughts on “Some Perspective from Above the Clouds

  1. I’m glad that God gave you that “change of scenery” to let you know again that He is in control of all the details of your move. As we have seen miracles in our life in the last year,I’m sure that you & Cason will soon be experiencing some also.Just keep your eyes on Him!!–

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