Farewell Nashville

Photo by Chuck Felix

As this posts, I am leaving to catch my one-way flight out of Nashville. Is it really time for this? Am I ready? Where have the years gone?

Nashville has been my home for six and a half years and we have many friends here that we consider like family. I worked at Thomas Nelson for almost six years – longer than I have been in any one place (generally changing schools every 2-5 years).

While I know without a doubt that this is God’s plan for us and that He has been preparing us for this for a long time, it feels very surreal to leave. On a one-way ticket.

It was hard walking out of church on Sunday, out of a place where we have grown so much, were very involved, and made so many dear friends. We had the honor of being Bible study leaders for four years. It is out of those Bible study groups and our Sunday morning class where we really developed most of our closest friends here in Nashville. People came and went. Lives intertwined for a time. But that’s where relationships went deep. To a different level than you can get anywhere else.

It was sad leaving our house last night for the last time. It’s where we spent the first years of our marriage. We had it painted and decorated just the way we liked it. We had a very comfortable amount of space and a lovely little yard. It was home.

Then there’s the superficial stuff. I will miss the random warm winter days (like today when it’s sunny and in the 60’s). I will miss Puckett’s, GiGi’s, Sweet Cece’s, Basil, Pancake Pantry, and Sopapilla’s. I will miss the feel of being in a big town/small city, where southern hospitality reigns supreme. I will miss our neighborhood Publix, where we knew them and they knew us. I will definitely miss the low cost of living (in comparison to where we’re headed).

There are many exciting days and journeys ahead, but today I am celebrating Nashville, for all it has meant to us. There go my eyes filling up with tears again…

And so… we leap.

I guess we’re DC bound now.

Farewell to Nashville!

We're DC bound. Come visit us soon! (Taken at the fun going away bash our wonderful friends threw us last weekend.)

3 thoughts on “Farewell Nashville

  1. A great reminder that all stages in life are just for a season. Enjoy it to the fullest while you’re in the midst of that season, and then be ready to discover what the new season will bring. It’s hard to believe that the final day has finally come and gone. Keep in touch! We miss you, but we’re so excited for this next adventure!

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