Fall Leaves & Fellow Commuters: Discovering Beauty All Around Us

I love fall. The changing of the seasons. The brisk, cooler air. Everything pumpkin. The chance to get some variation in my wardrobe again. But probably most of all, I love the colorful leaves. They are simply gorgeous.

Each tree is different. The varying, distinct shades of green, orange, yellow, red. My personal favorites are the trees that get bright red on top, while staying a rich green underneath.

This year has definitely been a changing season for us. One aspect of this new life that I have really come to enjoy is my daily commute. The typical day starts with a shuttle bus ride from our building to the metro a 1/2 mile away (when I have a little more time I walk it), a 12-min metro ride, followed by a 1/2 mile walk to my office. 30-35 min total. In the evening, reverse it, except I always walk the forested path on the home end (unless it’s raining or already dark; then I wait for the shuttle). It is so much less stressful than driving. There is rarely an unforeseen delay, I get to sit back & relax, people watch or catch up on social media, and I’ve become so grateful for those walks. On the path from home to the metro, lately I’ve been walking through these beautiful trees, raining down their colorful leaves. It just makes me happy.

At/on the metro and on the work end, I really enjoy the people watching. So many people from differing walks of life come together in a small microcosm of society. Young & old, blue-collar laborers & office workers, people of all ethnicities. Like the varying colors of the leaves on the trees, it really is beautiful. Sometimes no one speaks, and that’s okay. Sometimes someone will break down the walls with a smile or a “bless you” after a sneeze. Occasionally, a conversation will ensue, incited by a random event. I once had a chat on the metro with a very kind, older man almost the entire way to work. And for a short ride, we were friends. I love it when the walls crumble down and people recognize each other as fellow humans, rather than awkwardly avoiding eye contact.

It really is a small world. And we are all just traveling this road together.

I often see the same people who are timed to the same morning train that I am. It’s kind of neat recognizing strangers. I’ve now even seen a couple people that I recognize from my commute at stores around town.

Someday, I’m going to ask one of those ‘regulars’ their name & introduce myself…


2 thoughts on “Fall Leaves & Fellow Commuters: Discovering Beauty All Around Us

  1. I was talking to a woman who commutes by MARC train,and she said some of her fellow passengers created a rotating schedule to pick her up and take her to the station after she had shoulder surgery.

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