Freedom Friday: Caring for Widows

Continuing these Freedom Friday posts, as a way to share more about IJM with my own friends & family (who may not venture over to on their own), I wanted to highlight one of our other casework types. Most people know IJM for our fight against bonded labor (modern slavery) and child sex trafficking. But in Uganda, we battle another form of violent oppression against the poor. We fight for widows & their children.

Straight out of Scripture: “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress…” James 1:27

These beautiful videos can do a better job at introducing you to the topic than I could ever hope to. So please take a few minutes to watch them…

“I envied death.”

As soon as Grace’s husband died, the threats began.
More powerful members of her village announced that they were throwing her and her children out of their home. They would take it as their own – and she would have nothing. Grace had nowhere to turn. Without her home or her small patch of land, she would have no way to protect or provide for her children. She couldn’t provide shelter or grow food.

But today, Grace is safe and secure. She is home. Watch her story now to see her remarkable transformation.


Go Deeper into the topic with these next two:


What is Property Grabbing?

In Uganda, land is life. But in Mukono, Uganda, 1 in 3 widows will become a victim of property grabbing. When a widow’s land is stolen, she does not have a home, food for her children or dreams for a future.

Watch how IJM Uganda has helped more than 650 widows and orphans recover their land since 2008.


How Does IJM Provide Aftercare in Uganda?

When a widow in Uganda is a victim of property grabbing, she needs more than just her home back. She needs to rebuild her family’s security, dignity and hope.

Watch how IJM Uganda provides aftercare and meet some of the staff who walk closely with these women and children through life’s pain and joys.


Please join me in praying for our IJM heroes in Uganda who are doing this work & for the widows & children that they are helping. IJM just opened recently our 16th field office in Northern Uganda in order to be able to help even more people. Learn more at

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