Last week I wrote my recap post for my “One Word” for 2012: Embrace. Check it out here. Today, I’m revealing my one word to focus on for 2013, in lieu of standard new year’s resolutions (that generally fall through by February anyway).

In 2013, I’m claiming the word “Grow“.


2012 was a year of everything new – new state, new job, new industry, new church, new friends. I was thrown in & tried to embrace all of the opportunities & challenges alike. It was a whirlwind. Now, with almost a year of the craziness under my belt, I’m going to focus on growing in 2013. Taking it to the next level.

  • In my job – It’s time to stretch myself even further (if that’s possible!) & get to the point of being more proactive than reactive.
  • With church/service – We’ve settled into a church. Now I want to grow into my place of service & deeper involvement there.
  • In relationships – We’ve started to make friends, but it’s time to grow them deeper.
  • My personal life – I want to grow in pursuit of interests outside of work. (There wasn’t a whole lot of time for that last year.) Example: We bought our first DSLR camera. I signed up for an online tutorial course to learn how to actually use it now.
  • Spiritual life – There is always a lot of room for growth here! I need to focus on growing my relationship with God through Bible study, a bigger focus on prayer, and living out my faith.

So those are just a couple of examples. It’s time to grow. Feel free to hold me to it.

What are you focusing on in 2013?


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