Happy one year DC-iversary to us!

On February 3, 2012 I woke up, headed to the Nashville airport, said goodbye, and boarded a plane for this new life.

I can’t believe it’s now been a year. So much changed last February.

We traded a 1900 sq. foot house with a yard for a 2-bedroom, 6th floor condo. A comfortable job for one that has stretched me in all possible ways. A fantastic church where we had put down roots to the challenge of starting over. A town full of people we knew to one where we were brand new.

It’s kind of crazy to look back and see how far we’ve come in 12 months. To see God’s provision through every step of the way.

I finished my MBA last spring. We’re not the newbies at our jobs anymore. We’re starting to take some leadership positions in getting involved in church. We’re making friends & building relationships.

I love the convenience of my metro commute and the low-maintenance of being in a condo for this season of life. I love the organization I work for and the incredible stories of people rescued and restored. I love the amazing plethora of options for exploring that this area & region hold. I love being within an hour of a lot of family members & being able to get together without a lot of planning. I love the group of people that we’ve gotten involved with at our new church.

It was hard to know a year ago where we’d be now. And I can’t help but wonder what year two will bring. I know one thing for sure… It definitely won’t be boring.

The view from our 6th floor condo

The view from here. (From our 6th floor condo.)

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