Good Reads: Pursuing Justice (& Book Giveaway!)

Pursuing JusticeSocial justice, social good, and biblical justice are popular buzz words these days. But what do these terms really mean? And are they just a fad or do they embody a lifestyle that we ought to pursue?

In Pursuing Justice: The Call to Live & Die for Bigger Things, Ken Wytsma explores these questions and so much more. This is a book for those who claim to be followers of the justice movement, for those who have been jaded by these terms, and for every Christian earnestly seeking to live out God’s call for their life.

Wytsma takes the reader down a path of understanding exactly what biblical justice really means, how the thread of justice is woven throughout Scripture, and into an exploration of what this means for us as Christ-followers today. We see that: “Justice cannot be divorced from God’s heart and purposes – it permeates them…” This is not something we can simply glaze over and cast to the side as a nice-to-have. “Justice is a necessary part of God’s call in the Christian life.”

Wytsma opens up for us what the Bible really has to say about justice, and it’s so much broader than I had ever thought about before (& I work in a justice-oriented nonprofit). In a nutshell (& then I might have to write another blog post later, or you’ll just need to read the book):

Justice is “a right and equitable relationship with God and with people”. It is the “single best word, both inside and outside the Bible, for capturing God’s purposes for the world and humanity’s calling in the world.” It is treating others as we want to be treated. It is being concerned with (& doing something about) everything from human trafficking, gender violence, and refugees to the hungry homeless person down the street. It is about the poor who don’t have access to education and it is about not gossiping about our neighbor.

The key is not just that we are concerned about these things, but that we are laying down our lives (following Christ’s example) and pursuing a lifestyle of justice in serving others.

In the book, there are also countless inspiring stories of amazing people around the world who are giving their lives away for the sake of loving and serving others. And, a unique feature to the book, it’s laced with short “interludes” (quotes, poems, interviews, & stories) that serve as reflections on justice from other voices.

Pursuing Justice really inspired me & challenged me to think about some things. I’m actually set on reading through it a second time, soon!

And I liked it so much that I have an extra copy to give away. Check out how you can win it below. I’ll randomly select a winner on Monday, February 25.

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13 thoughts on “Good Reads: Pursuing Justice (& Book Giveaway!)

  1. Just tweeted about your book giveaway (I’ve been following you for awhile).
    As far as inspirational reads, I have a few:
    ‘Me to We’ by Craig & Marc Kielburger
    ‘Giving’ by Bill Clinton
    ‘God Has a Dream: A Vision of Hope for Our Time’ – by Desmond Tutu
    (On my ‘must read’ list is ‘Made For Goodness: And Why This Makes All the Difference’ by Desmond Tutu and his daughter Mpho. Desmond is so funny and mixes humour in with amazing wisdom.)

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