Back to Blogging (& growing)

So I’m embarrassed to say that my last blog post was on February 20 – almost 5 months ago! I started 2013 strong (in regards to blogging), but it didn’t last. In real life, 2013 started out with a bang. Between the last week in February and sometime in late April, we had 2 free weekends. It was all great things, but it was hard to catch my breath, let alone blog – though it would have been great material for blogging (like the inspiring Justice Conference in Philly). Alas, I had to let it go & just move forward.

Suddenly, it’s July. More than halfway through the year. When did this happen?

My “one word” to focus on for 2013 is Grow. So how am I doing? Decently, I think. Work is constantly challenging & stretching. I don’t think that will ever change. We’re really focusing on taking things to the next level, so I definitely feel like I’m growing there. In regards to church, I said I wanted to grow into a place of service & deeper involvement. Well, in early spring Cason & I became leaders for our Sunday morning class and we started facilitating a midweek couple’s Bible study. We are growing deeper relationships with others, which I always want more of. Personally, I haven’t really made the time to grow in pursuits outside of work (like learning how to use that camera). Maybe someday soon. This is my attempt to get back to blogging more often than every 6 months! A constant struggling point is trying to figure out the balance with my work life (which I feel is both work & service/ministry) and finding a place of service in the community (outside of the church). Similar to our involvement with refugees in Nashville.


All of that to say, the remainder of 2013 has plenty of room for continued growth.

What’s next? Well, in less than a month I turn 30. By the time that happens though, I’ll have traveled to Uganda & back. I’ll be visiting an IJM field office and helping with a project at a local courthouse. I’m extremely excited. This is something straight off of my bucket list. But more about that trip another day…

How is your 2013 progressing?

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